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    28th December 2016, Wednesday

A SEMINAR ON Cashless Transaction

                        On 28th December 2016 Bhagwan Mahavir Polytechnic, Surat organized one day seminar on "Cashless Transaction". Seminar was conducted by Mr. Haren Gandhi sir who is retired senior Non-Commissioned Officer of Indian Air Force who served as Physical Fitness, Drill, Weapon, Yoga and Sports Instructor for 23 glorious years. He is the vice president of Business of Surat Pride in Junior Chamber International, Runs a pre-school, Conducts skill development programs for youth and at present spreading awareness for cashless transactions through Digital India Platform of Government.

In seminar Students got some valuable knowledge on cashless transaction. Seminar includes different kind of videos of cashless transaction and practical examples of how to do cashless transaction with precaution i.e. Paytm. The purpose of this seminar is just to spread the awareness and advantages of cashless transaction and make India digital and corruption free country.

Around 400 students and 50 faculties from respective departments have attended this seminar.