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    10th February 2017, Friday

A Industrial Visit On Enterprise Level GIS System AT BISAG

Computer & IT Dept of Bhagwan Mahavir College of Polytechnic had organized a industrial visit at BISAG Gandhinagar on “GIS SYSTEM” on 10th February, 2017. Almost 35 students of 6th semester also the faculty members of Computer Department gain knowledge of the same.

About the Company:

  • BISAG provides specialized services and solutions in implementing map-based GeoSpatial Information Systems. BISAG undertakes all services for the entire process of implementing an enterprise level GIS system.
  • These services include GIS database design and development, map creation/updation and finishing, data migration/conversion and format translation, software development and customization, systems integration and technical consulting.
  • BISAG also provides complete GIS solutions, which bundle hardware, and software with GIS systems development services.
  • BISAG provides solutions based on Remote Sensing, using Multi-spectral data, for specific applications like agricultural crop monitoring, watershed management, forest fire mapping etc.
  • BISAG also offers leading-edge Mapping - GIS solutions for disaster management and specialized needs of Public Safety agencies like police, fire and ambulance services. 


         And also our final year students have “Network and Management” as their elective subject. So as a part of their subject activity, the visit was aimed to deliver knowledge about network and its use to our students.

        The expert, Mr. KAMLESH focused on many aspects of GIS system which was unknown to students. He also mentioned about the job scope and need have taught GIS System, Research & Development in area of GIS System. After giving basic ideas of GIS system and it’s areas, they provide brief information and technical support to different Departments and Organizations he also share practical demonstration of different functional unit. In which he covered following topics in all:

  • Map-based GeoSpatial Information Systems
  • GIS database design and development
  • Data Migration/Conversion
  • D-GPS technologies