A Industrial Visit On Networking

SUN Infosystem Pvt. Ltd. had organized a seminar on “Networking” in our Bhagwan Mahavir Polytechnic, Computer Engg. Department on 23rd & 24th  January, 2017. Almost 73  students of 4th and 6th semester also the faculty members of Computer Department gain knowledge of the same.


About the Company:

  • SUN Infosystem Pvt. Ltd(SIPL) is India’s No. 1 IT training & IT Solution company.
  • SIPL delivers training solution that fit every learning style, shedule, preference and geography.


As nowadays our society is facing problems of cyber crimes such as E-mail hacking, passwords cracking, mobile hacking and so on. So as a student of Computer Engineering, one must know the protection against such threats.

And also our final year students have “Computer and Network Security” as their elective subject. So as a part of their subject activity, the seminar was aimed to deliver knowledge about hacking detection and prevention to our students.

   The expert, Mr. Jamal Sheikh, Mr allahbadksh surkhi, Mr Vinit Patel focused on many aspects of security which was unknown to students. He also mentioned about the job scope and need of learning  hacking, networks and network security. After giving basic ideas of hacking and areas in which and how hacking is being done, he also share practical demonstration for providing security to our personal computers. In which he covered following topics in all:

  • VPN
  • Routers, Firewall
  •  Hacking
  • Network Security