Bhagwan Mahavir Polytechnic had organized a TECHNOVATION Techfest on 20th and 21st March 2017.In this our department organized one Informal Event “START-UP CHALLENGE” on 21st March 2017. In this event total 85 students (17 groups) are participated.

       In this event, on the spot challenges given to the teams. If they fulfill challenges properly then they qualified for next stage. There are four stages.

  • First stage is “Passing the Bottle”. In these students pass bottle by picking it through mouth to other one. Two minutes given to the group and maximum numbers of bottle have to pass. Top eight maximum passed bottle group qualified for second stage.
  • Second stage is “Brick Relay”. In this one member have to pick brick out of water with two finger and pass the path then put it in to water  then other member pick it and follow same way then other. All five member finished their duty then time to be noted. Whoever is faster they qualified for third stage.
  • Third stage is “Selfie Challenge”. In this five different location pictures given to the groups. They have to find that location and take a selfie. For this 15 minutes given to them. Whoever came fast with selfies qualified for final round.
  • Final stage is “Business”. In this round 3 groups are there. We gave them 50rs per team. By using that 50rs they have to do business and earn more over that. In 30 minutes which team came first with maximum profit that team declared as winner.

Top -2 Student List








Pillai Yogesh

Mansuri Ammar

Pawar Krunal

Rathod Nikunj

Gamit Nayan





Sarvaiya Harsh

Tiwari Pankaj

Chavda Mayank

Nency Patel

 Ghoghari nikhil