A Seminar Report On STOCK MIND 6

A seminar on “Stock Mind” in our Bhagwan Mahavir Polytechnic, Computer Engg. Department has held on 23rd   January, 2018. Almost 99 students of 4th and 6th and 2nd semester also the faculty members of Computer Department gain knowledge of the same.


About the Stock Mind 6

  • Stock Mind 6 is a real world trading environment helps you sharpen your analytical, decision making and quick thinking skills.
  • You can compete for the title of “Best Budding Investor” not just within your college but at the national level tool.
  • Stock Mind 6 promises to be bigger, better and more thrilling than ever before.

     In Seminar they have share the knowledge about stock market and give the information about the competition held at national level and international level for participating by the institute.