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Bhagwan mahavir polytechnic-morning shift 660
Bhagwan Mahavir polytechnic-Evening Shift 420

Core Curriculum:

Semester 1

Semester 2

  • 1030100201 - Mathematics-2 Download
  • 1030100202 - Applied physics-2 Download
  • 1030102201 - Environmental Science Download
  • Dr. Janki vashi

Hod's Message

 I feel ecstatic to introduce you to Department of Humanities and Science, which is the foundation of Engineers.Department of Humanities and Science plays a vital role in an engineering college to the teaching of basic Sciences and Humanities courses for engineering students of all branches. The purpose of Humanities and Science department in Engineering study is to lay a strong foundation of basic principles of various disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Communication Skills in the mind of the learners, so that they proceed to rest of their years of study with up to date knowledge and training of basic engineering skills.I wish best of luck to the students for bright future.


Dr. Janki Vashi
Mr. Sunil Patel
Lecturer Chemistry),M.Phill
Ms. Saroj Patel
Lecturer M.Sc.(Mathematics),M.Phill,B.Ed
Ms. Jignasha Gamit
Lecturer M.A.(English),B.Ed.,M.Phill
Ms. Shilpa Patel
Lecturer M.A.(English),B.Ed.
Mr. Virang Shukla
Lecturer M.Sc.(Physics),M.Phill
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Physics Laboratory


About Lab: Physics is the study of the natural world. It deals with the fundamental particles of which the universe is made, and the interactions between those particles, the objects composed of them (nuclei, atoms, molecules, etc) and energy. The laboratory of physics involves the experiments related to the basic concept of physics. The laboratory deals with the experiments related to the fundamental phenomenon of concepts of physics.

Subject being covered:

  • Basic Physics
  • Engineering Physics


Major Instruments & Kits:

  • Vernier Calipers
  • Micrometer Screw Gauge
  • Redwood Viscometer
  • Microscope
  • Spring Constant kit
  • Sonometer Apparatus
  • Young modulus Apparatus
  • Physical Weight balance
  • Digital power supply
  • Voltmeter
  • Ammeter
  • Galvanometer
  • Variac (For generating A.C. voltage)
  • Resistance box
  • Rheostat
  • Multi meter
  • Whetstone bridge
  • PN Junction diode kit



Chemistry Laboratory



Chemistry Laboratory


About Lab: Chemistry is one of the basic branches of science that deals with the properties, structure, and constituents of matter or substances and its interactions with other forms of matter. The chemistry lab gives the broad concept of Chemistry.

Subject being covered:

  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Applied Chemistry

Major Instruments & Kits:

  • Digital Ph Meter
  • Digital weight balance
  • Redwood Viscometer
  • Oswald Viscometer
  • Pensky Marten’s Apparatus
  • Burette
  • Pipette
  • Conical flask
  • Gas Burner




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