• Dr. Nirmal Sharma

Campus Director Message

To survive and thrive in today’s cut-throat business world, it is mandatory to implement quality education  programs & bring innovative changes in the higher & technical  education system with the sole aim of delivering a qualitative edge in productivity, profitability and efficiency, the base of which is qualitative technical & management educational system. As the information transfer technology, worldwide, has been undergoing transformation, pressure is sometimes applied on universities & educational establishment to become more 'businesslike' in their way of doing things. Within the changing paradigm of what constitutes an educational establishments & universities, the position and role of the academic staff have also come under pressure. This paradigm shift has impacted on Higher education institutions in which there is an increased emphasis on productivity, quality and accountability. One of the consequences of increased 'Managerialism' and 'Corporatization' in higher & management education institutions is an attempt to develop quality management and appraisal systems along with the basic course of action.

To a remarkable degree BMEF  is in the growth path of imparting high quality education with the understanding that quality failures in higher education, in professional & general life can and do result in serious human inconvenience, economic waste and sometimes loss of life because of the poor technical & managerial educational background. The implementation of skill based training  system in BMEF has brought significant change in the employability & preparedness of entrepreneurship.

Prof.(Dr) Nirmal Sharma.

(Campus Director, Bhagwan Mahavir Education Foundation, Surat)

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